STILL e​.​p.

by Dron Hill

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released March 23, 2017




Dron Hill England, UK

Raw and Unheard: "a unique sound– combination of danceable beats, ethereal vocals, and dreamy keyboards... floats somewhere between realms of trip-hop & dream pop.

"Music vs The World:“ dreamy, lilting, with musing, soulful vocals.”

Central Station -“hypnotic”

DiamondDeposits: " a frenzied beat that won’t quit.. confident and strong emotive vocals delivering lyrical poetry"
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Track Name: Far
There’s a place down far
When the reason’s right
You might ask for something more
When a kinder light
Burns on old horizons

You were there with me
When the wind rose
And the summer rolled away
And the moon froze
Our shadows to the ground

And so you climb and fall
Like a child learns
The stepping of the stones
And a shoulder turns
The world all around you

Went to fly with birds
No more stone heart
Where the air is thin and sweet
Only love can part
The earth from our feet
Track Name: Like Luminol
I saw you shake
Hold on real tight
Another lost heart
Another long dark night

Mm it’s a long look
mm it’s a knowing where
To stop or start
You lost your head and then your heart

Seeing the cliff fall
Seeing the stones come tumblin down
ah fly
And fly…

Gave it a name
Make it human, slide it deep
In the machine
Living someone else’s dream

Just like always
Watchin the world go rolling down

This is the ocean
High above the sky
These are the words
This is the silence breaks your bones
Rolling stones..

Wash them, they glow
Glow like luminol
Track Name: Stay
Don't wake up,
Keep your eyes closed,
The things I have to say, I have to say
While you're asleep
While you're asleep...
Sleep on beautiful,
So I can dream
'Cause when you wake I fear,
I have the fear
That you won't stay,
That you won't stay.

Remember last night
Remember we're young,
But remember we'll get old,
Some day
Some day
I want you to stay.

You will sulk
And I will beg
I see all these things to come,
Things to come,
They make me smile,
Make me smile,
So don't wake up
Oh keep your eyes closed,
The things I have to say,
I have to say
While you're asleep,
While you're asleep...
Track Name: Don't Cry
Night comes down
oh so smooth
a blanket on the ground
and you can close your eyes
on all the pain
And race the wildfires home
And back again

if you can live
then you can break
If you can give
then you can take

Dreamer what’s your worth
oh so dance
a blade through the earth
There’s your loss
but here’s your gain
No silver coins,
a broken chain

Don’t cry, don’t cry,
it’s not over

time is slow
and oh runs smooth
like blood on snow
so lay your head down
feathers grow
Hide quiet
Let the ice flow

If you can live
you can break
but you can give
more than you take

Don’t cry, don’t cry,
it’s not over